Brains are needy.

They need all the things other organs do- sleep, oxygen, nourishment, etc.  Brains, though, they’re just so darn persnickety about the details. How much sleep, uninterrupted oxygen, precisely formulated blends of exactly this amount of this kind of glucose… and, oh. Is that an unauthorized lipophilic substance?!? Brain fail.

Not to mention that tedious need for stimulation.

(Lay off the TED Talks, brain. Seriously. Take a step back.)

But even when you think you’re doing everything right- sleeping a solid eight, exercising, eating chia, and popping no pills but ginko bilboa- your brain still won’t tell you where you put the damn keys. Or your phone. Or your memory of that Chinese vocab list you spent four hours power-cramming last night.

This blog is an examination of why, and- more importantly- how Science can help us triumph over our own needy neurons.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I reaaally enjoy reading the way you write! Very informative and funny at the same time, especially the gifs and pictures you throw in. Would you consider to continue the blog beyond the end of the MOOC? Come on!!

    Have a great day, Philipp


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