“All our knowledge has its origins in our perception.” -Leonardo da Vinci

(But how does that perception turn into knowledge?)

I’m starting this blog as a way to track my progress through Prof. Terrence Sejnowski and Prof. Barb Oakley’s class, Learning How to Learn. While the blog is, admittedly, part of the final assignment for a class, I’m hoping that it can also serve as a resource for others- an archive of academic and journalistic articles on neuroscience and the processes of cognition, anecdotes about the difficulty (or, optimistically, success!) of incorporating memory techniques into everyday life, and even essays into the implications of contemporary neuro-scientific findings for other fields of study.

At the very least, I’m hoping that putting this all in a blog will mean that I’ll stop finding scraps of scribble-filled paper stuck in the zipper of my purse or crumpled beneath my pillow. I don’t know much about memory and cognition, but I’m guessing that the process of learning is not much enhanced by scrawling ideas on old receipts and tossing them about like confetti.

I welcome recommendations for news articles, scholarly journals, books, and blogs, and I hope that this blog serves (eventually) as a wonderful resource for those interested in neurology, epistemology, hermeneutics(ology), and the process of turning perception into knowledge!


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